Reminding myself of some old Reddit wisdom

I am occasionnally a sucker for nicely packaged wisdom found on the internet but one of my favourite is this old post from r/ExperiencedDevs.

First, I reckon I know the guy … or he writes very much like a guy I know … There are a few things that don’t match up with the guy I know but he would not be afraid to disguise himself behind some red herrings.

Here are a few of the things in the post that really resonate with me:

  • The best way I’ve advanced my career is by changing companies. (I really wish this one was not as true as it is).
  • Qualities of a good manager share a lot of qualities of a good engineer.
  • Good code is code that can be understood by a junior engineer. Great code can be understood by a first year CS freshman. The best code is no code at all.
  • We should hire more interns, they’re awesome. Those energetic little fucks with their ideas. Even better when they can question or criticize something. I love interns.
  • Work from home is the tits. But lack of whiteboarding sucks.
  • I know enough about security to know that I don’t know shit about security.
  • Managers have less power than you think. Way less power. If you ever thing, why doesn’t Manager XYZ fire somebody, it’s because they can’t.
  • I got into tech and coding because tech was my hobby. Now my hobby is is the same as work and work has ruined my hobby. So now if I want to enjoy tech I need to quit my hobby. Or I need to be OK that tech is no longer my hobby and find new hobbies.

Alright, that’s enough bullshit for today.