Brief Reef Tank Journal #1

The tank is doing generally well although I think I am still struggling to get decent growth from my corals.

Here is the current stock:


  • 1 Royal gramma
  • 1 Orchid dottyback
  • 2 Black storm clown fish
  • 1 While belly wrasse

Clean-up Crew:

  • 1 Strawberry conch
  • 1 cleaner shrimp
  • 1 Fire shrimp
  • 2 Emerald Crabs
  • 3 Red Hermit crabs
  • 5 Nassarius Snails
  • Numerous Trochus snails

Corals and Anemones

  • 2 Blastomusa
  • 1 Flavia
  • 1 Organ Pipe Coral
  • 5 Zoas
  • 1 War coral

The trochus snails are breeding and the tank has numerous baby snails, predominantly on the back wall and in the corners, where cleaning is a little more challenging.


  • Corals are not growing
  • Corals are sometimes dying with no apparent reasons

Possible issues:

  • Tank and Processes are not stable enough.
  • Do I feed enough? Do I feed too much ?
  • High nitrates
  • High Phosphates


  • Daily
    • quick visual inspection of tank and cabinet
    • feed thawed frozen food twice
    • dose 5ml All-For-Reef
  • Weekly
    • Test water parameters (Salinity, Alkalinity, Ph, NO2, NO3, NH3 + NH4, Phosphate)
  • When Phosphates or MO3 are just too damn’ high
    • Change 20% water
  • Every 6 weeks:

Next Steps / ideas:

  • Put PhosGuard the filter cup in the back chamber in order to reduce Phosphate
  • Add Zeo Mix to reactor in order to reduce ammonia and therefore reduce Nitrate
  • I’m not sure the TMC frozen food I currently use is of the best quality. I have a bit of a nutrient film. Maybe I should test the AquaForest food.
  • Should I add another fish?!?!? maybe a bicolor blenny.
  • Maybe another powerhead on the other side would increase and randomise flow.

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