A font I like: Monaspace

The latest the Ergo newsletter mentions a new and innovative superfamily of fonts for code called Monaspace. That was enough for me to click through and I really like it so far.

After some playing around, I have settled for Monaspace Krypton for my terminal emulator of choice, kitty:

font_family      Monaspace Krypton
bold_font        Monaspace Krypton SemiBold
italic_font      Monaspace Krypton Italic
bold_italic_font Monaspace Krypton SemiBold Italic

I spend a lot of time at the terminal (yes, by choice) and now it is even more enjoyable to use, thanks to Monaspace Krypton.

As a slight digression, I recommend watching Gary Hustwit’s documentary Helvetica.