Blogging (again)

1 minute read

I decided to start blogging again while listening to the (very good) episode 61 of Datanauts: Trials & Tribulations Of Technical Blogging. It occurred to me that a blog could provide me with the right motivation to formalise some of my thoughts and projects. I have to admit that I have also not bseen writing all that much lately. I should make an effort to regularly document the technology I use and the projects I work on.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not hoping to be read by anyone … But something buried somewhere deep inside me still hopes that some of the content gathered here may be found and help someone.

This site and its content is obviously a continuous work in progress. However, I am pretty sure that I will mainly be writing about a few technical subjects I am interested in - such as Infosec, monitoring and docker for example - as well as the odd diggression or rant.

This site runs from GitHub Pages, with the fantastic Jekyll. I am fairly new to it all, so this blog may be missing some of the usual features, such as comments or even a good about page. But as I said, work in progress …

Oh, and yes, I tend to overuse ellipses. I know it is a bad habit and I am working on it but I apologise in advance for all the unfinished sentences.

Thanks for reading.